Location: Ballard Canyon, Santa Ynez Valley

The Larner Vineyard is acknowledged as one of the top vineyards on the Central Coast, and one of the best vineyards for Rhone varietal growth in America. UC Davis graduate Michael Larner farms the property with his family, and since 2001, they have contributed fruit to various point-score grabbing efforts from multiple winemakers. Located in the western-most reaches of the AVA, Larner is one of the coldest and most heavily marine-influenced properties in Santa Ynez Valley, and features a diverse soil series of decomposed granite, gneiss, schist, basalt and clay loam...


Location: Santa Ynez Valley

This 1,400 acre parcel of land was purchased in the spring of 1999. The initial 250 acre block was completed and produced its first crop in harvest 2003. Located in the Santa Ynez Valley, the warmer climates and loam soils of this site shows great potential for producing fully ripened, mature fruit.


Location: Santa Barbara County

This site is a pioneering effort in the development of high elevation vineyards in Santa Barbara County. At 3,200 feet above sea-level, the vineyards are planted in well-drained soils that are particularly well-suited to viticulture, and consist primarily of fine, sandy loam. The Cuyama Valley climate has consistently warm days with gentle breezes created by continental air masses late in the afternoon, and cold nights due to weak down-valley breezes. With a temperature that can vary as much as 50 degrees in one day, the climate is particularly well suited to Bordeaux and Rhone varietals.


Location: Ballard Canyon, Santa Ynez Valley

John Belfy planted Tierra Alta in 2000. The site is one of the best locations for the Rhone varietals in Santa Barbara County. Tierra Alta is the steepest vineyard located in Ballard Canyon. The soils are rich with limestone that stresses the vines into producing intense dark fruit. The vineyard is all hand farmed and is cropped to levels of about 2.5 tons per acre.


Location: Ballard Canyon, Santa Ynez Valley

Located in the Ballard Canyon AVA, directly across the street from the Tierra Alta Vineyard where we source Syrah from.


Location: Sta. Rita Hills

John Sebastiano is a newer vineyard on the eastern side of Sta. Rita Hills with a variety of microclimates, planted in 2007, it's named for the vineyards two proprietors, John Wagner and Sebastian Sterpa. The vineyard has 150 acres planted, of which 104 acres are Pinot Noir composed of 48 distinct and unique situations. John Sebastiano Vineyard is located on the extreme Eastern edge of the Santa Rita Hills appellation, as such, it is in a warmer part of the valley. Soils here are clay-loam underlaid by limestone, and vary greatly in depth due to the nature of the slopes and swales...


Location: Los Alamos Hills, Santa Barbara County

The White Hawk Vineyard is planted on ancient sand dunes on the south facing slope of Cat Canyon, a side of the Los Alamos Valley in Santa Barbara County. It's 21 miles west of the Pacific and 2 miles north of Los Alamos and planted at 900 feet elevation. This region is recognized as a top producing wine region. Fog often embraces the small vineyard in the morning before gentle afternoon breezes chase it away to allow the sun's rays to slowly ripen the fruit.