Location: Ballard Canyon, Santa Ynez Valley

Varietal: Syrah

The Larner Vineyard is acknowledged as one of the top vineyards on the Central Coast, and one of the best vineyards for Rhone varietal growth in America. UC Davis graduate Michael Larner farms the property with his family, and since 2001, they have contributed fruit to various point-score grabbing efforts from multiple winemakers. Located in the western-most reaches of the AVA, Larner is one of the coldest and most heavily marine-influenced properties in Santa Ynez Valley, and features a diverse soil series of decomposed granite, gneiss, schist, basalt and clay loam. Canopies are adjusted in several hand-passes throughout the growing season to promote very low yields of intensely concentrated fruit. Elevations reach 3,200 feet above sea level and clones are carefully selected to meet the profiles of the various blocks at the property. A telling detail of Larner, perhaps, is that Robert Parker loves wines produced from its fruit so much, he thinks the vineyard “would merit Grand Cru status in France.”